Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scriptures of Encouragement ~ Oh Brother, What a Morning!

The clock radio sounded the alarm. I punched it (with gusto, I might add), and rolled over. A new day was the last thing I wanted to see. Mounting unpaid bills were taking a toll. I was sick of pinto beans and cornbread. I wanted to bury my head and not wake up until we had employment. Let's just say I was not walking in faith and victory. In fact, I wasn't even crawling.

Can anyone say, "Pity-party?"

Do you know what bothered me the most? My lack of faith. My lack of trust. I realized that I can believe for the impossible for someone else...cancer? No problem. Financial blessing? No problem. Restored family? Don't worry, God's got this. So, what was my problem? I felt shame and frustration. I felt hopeless. That was the biggee - hopelessness. Me. The one who can always pour hope into others. 

Hopeless. What an awful, foul-tasting reality, especially when that wasn't reality at all. And I knew it.

I cried out to God. I imagined myself resting beneath the shadow of His wing. I reminded myself that I belong to the Most High God, Maker of heaven and earth. And then I cried some more. 

Oh brother, what a morning.
And then the phone rang.

A friend called saying she felt led to give us $100 to help us with groceries. Oh. My. Goodness. David spoke with a former employer who just happens to be good friends with a potential new employer and said she would make a phone call on his behalf.  The Lord put us in the position to help a troubled youth and gave us favor when finding him the perfect place to work off community hours. This young man will be surrounded by Christians doing something he loves - working on cars. His sweet smile was worth a million bucks...what a kid. We were even able to get Subway's $5.00 footlong for dinner! 

A merciful, faithful God consumed our hopelessness.

Do you know what I thought of as we drove home from the grocery store? I thought of Peter. Peter loved Jesus with all of his heart. He knew Jesus was who He said He was. He followed Jesus everywhere, serving Him, loving Him. But then, Peter denied Him. He denied the Lord that he loved.

I felt like that's what I had done.

On the morning of Jesus' resurrection, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome came to the tomb to prepare Jesus' body with spices. When they arrived at the burial site, the stone had been rolled away. The women entered the tomb and realized Jesus was gone. An angel was there instead. "But he [the Angel of the Lord] said to them, "Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him. But go, tell His disciples - and Peter - that He is going before you into Galilee; (Mark 16:6,7).

...go tell His disciples - and Peter!

Jesus wanted to make sure Peter knew that he was forgiven and loved. 

Jesus wanted to make sure I knew I was forgiven and loved. He turned my hopelessness into joy.

I love the tenderness of the Lord.

Father, You are a good God. Thank You for turning my hopelessness into joy, my ashes into beauty. And, especially Lord, I appreciate Your forgiveness. I love You, Lord.
If you received Morning Glory via email, please visit the Morning Glory  page to put a smile on your face. In fact, if I were a bettin' woman, I'd bet you'll be singing this little ditty the rest of the day. It's the Johnny Appleseed Song! Hope you enjoy.


  1. Been there, dun that! And have felt the same way!!
    Ya'd think we was sistahs or sumthin!!! :)
    Loveya, "Sis"!!! God is Goooo-ooood!

    1. I know....right? It's uncanny how much we are alike. I love you Mid Stutsman! You're a blessing.

  2. Nan, I needed this today. I had many mornings of wanting to pull the covers over my head last week and this weekend. But, then I remembered that life isn't hopeless when we know the one that brings hope and peace when there seems to be nun. Thanks for this loving and sweet post. Love you!

    1. You're welcome Jamie girl. Thanks for being a faithful friend and encourager. I love you :)

  3. Hope is essential to the human soul. I have seen people with cancer have hope and survive and I have seen someone loose hope and give up the battle. God is amazing. Can I get an Amen?? ;) I love you.

    1. Amen! "Hope is essential to the human soul." I love that Christina and I love you :)

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    1. Got some spam going on...that's why it's deleted.

  5. Nan,
    I can relate!! Oh how many times our tender Lord has turned my hopelessness into overwhelming joy and love. What a wonderful Savior!

    1. Amen Glenda! His love still amazes me. I hope you're feeling better. Love you sweet friend.

  6. Nan..this is the second time I copied this today... but it is for you as well as the others. (I loveyou so much Nan..and very much undertand. Thank you for your faith testimony.)


    Even when it seems that there is no place to stand where you can feel sure and stable, and when the world seems to be crumbling around you, I want you to rest in the assurance that I am with you. Turn your heart towards Me and pray in faith for My intervention. I will certainly hear and answer and bring you into undisputed victory, says the Lord. Be strong!

    Isaiah 65:24 "It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear."

  7. Awww...thank you Mary. How sweet of you. I love that passage in Isaiah..."before they call, I will answer..." Awesome! God is good. Love you!