Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finding God's Presence ~ While I'm Away

by Nan Jones  @NanJonesAuthor

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful opportunity this week to attend The Christian Communicators Conference at Billy Graham's, The Cove. Because of this, my blog schedule will be interrupted until next week.

But since you've stopped by, I would absolutely love for you to poke around in the archives. My messages will help you find the Lord regardless of your circumstances. He is a mighty God. Faithful. True. Full of mercy and grace, and He loves you very much. 

Here's a few to get you started:

This post is recent, but it soothes my heart each time I read it: The Gift of the Moments.

Are you brokenhearted? Do you need to experience the rain of His grace? Prisms of Great Love

Are your burdens becoming too great? This will encourage you: Burden-Bearer

I would like to ask you to pray for me as I step out in faith to follow the Lord's leading. I have spoken many times at women's events, but this conference will take me to the next level. I am so grateful to the Lord for moving heaven and earth to get me there. Please pray that I will hear His voice and rest in His Presence. My fibromyalgia is also a concern, so please pray for my stamina and strength. 

And now, may I pray for you?

Father, You are such a great God. Thank You for loving us and caring for us so intimately. Thank You for directing our steps and putting all of the pieces of our lives together to mold and shape us for Your plan and for Your glory. I pray for my precious friends. You know their needs. You know their hearts. I ask that You move mightily upon them this week. Open doors for them that no man can shut. I ask that You put food on their tables and provide payment for electricity bills. I ask that You touch diseased bodies by the power of Your Holy Spirit and bring healing. Thank You Lord. Encourage them by Your Presence in their lives. We love You Lord. We praise You, for You alone are worthy of our praise. In Jesus' Name I pray, amen.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finding God's Presence ~ The Chrysalis

by Nan Jones  @NanJonesAuthor

The iridescent green of the chrysalis embellished the classroom's butterfly cage with grace. Waiting was hard. Anticipation of the miracle grew in our hearts.

The children's fascination and delight had filled our days with excitement as we watched the caterpillar eat and grow, and eat and grow some more. Now its chrysalis hung quietly. To the child's eye it...Just. Hung. There. The children couldn't understand that the miracle was out of view. They didn't understand that God's miracle was a process.

Weeks later the monarch butterfly emerged. It was weak from the struggle to escape its prison. Wings were damp from its encasing. Legs wobbly. It appeared to lack all confidence that it could fly. We watched it rest on the branches in the cage. Occasionally, the butterfly tried to flutter, checking its strength, checking its development after escaping the chrysalis prison. If she tried to fly too soon it could be disastrous. She might fall. She might fail. Waiting on her Creator's timing became essential.

So she waited. 

She fluttered. 

She waited. 

And then she took flight.

But what happened in the chrysalis, the chamber of metamorphosis? What took place to transform a caterpillar into a butterfly?

Indeed, what takes place when the Lord has us in a season of transition, when He places us in that chrysalis chamber where metamorphosis takes place so that His child can take flight?

In the chrysalis, complete decomposition of self occurs. The caterpillar melts away leaving a rich creative medium from which the butterfly will emerge. 

But it takes time.

I'm also learning about decomposition of self. My chrysalis isn't iridescent green. Its actually rather freckled, but it encases me just the same. I lay dormant. Quiet. Waiting for the miracle. Self decomposing stinks. Doing away with the old to embrace the new is daunting at best. Especially when there are so many spectators watching and waiting to see if the miracle comes.

But it will come. Just as surely as our classroom monarch took flight, I too will take flight once again. I'm still decomposing, but rest assured, my God is with me and I will take flight again.

I wish the same for you, my friend. 

"Behold, I will do a new thing, 
now it shall spring forth; 
Shall you not know it? 
I will even make a road in the wilderness 
and rivers in the desert." 
~ Isaiah 43:19

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Father, throughout the days - yes, throughout the minutes of the days - You remind me to think on those things which are lovely, pure, noble, and worthy of praise. When I follow Your guidance with this, I find Your peace. When I allow my thoughts to ramble and roam, I find despair. I choose You, Lord. 

I choose to walk in Your ways, in Your truths. Although Your way seems odd and contrary to ordinary wisdom at times, I still choose You, for You have been so faithful to Me. You have blanketed me with Your love. You have wiped my tears and held me when I thought I would surely die. So, yes Lord, I choose to remember that You alone are worthy of praise. I choose to think about Your mercy and grace. I choose to think about Your sweet, yet powerful Presence that is with me always. 

Yes, Lord, You alone are worthy of praise! Thank You for the peace that follows when I think of You. Thank You for the peace that envelops me when I keep my mind stayed on You rather than my circumstances.  

I can sense others taking my hand and kneeling beside me as, together, we approach Your throne of grace. Your children are hurting Lord. The shifting and shaking is immense, but You, O Lord, are greater! Touch my friend with the power of Your Holy Spirit and give them hope. Help them, and me, to laugh in the face of adversity because You are with us and You will never fail us nor forsake us. I ask that my friends will sense Your guidance as they wait quietly on You. 

We choose You, Lord and Your ways. We rejoice in the God of our salvation. We exalt You O God, and bless Your holy Name. Thank You for Your great love. Thank You for Your amazing grace.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finding God's Presence ~ Quiet Whispers

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Racing, debilitating thoughts cut troughs of confusion through my mind. Repetitive doubts and fears carved the gullies deeper and deeper as the silent noise ricocheted across my spirit, stifling the quiet whisper of God.

I felt desperate to hear from the Lord...desperate.

I tried shouting to Him.
I tried crying.
Fumbling from chore to chore.

Nothing worked. There was too much noise in my head shutting out the peaceful voice of God.

Come to Me, Nan. Come to Me and be still.

I tossed the whispered message around with the confusing, tormenting ones.

And then He spoke again, Come to Me, Nan.

His voice was so tender. So compelling. I walked into my study, feeling led to turn on some quiet praise music. Curling up on the loveseat, I cuddled a pillow, closed my eyes, and rested quietly as the music carried me to the throne of grace.

My focus began to change. My confusing thoughts came into order and, like water swirling down a drain, my anguish washed away. As the melodious strains of praise filled my study, my soul quieted. The Presence of God surrounded me, holding back the taunts of the tormentor. A holy hush filled the room and soothed me.

Elijah also learned this lesson. He didn't curl up on a loveseat listening to praise music, but He did obey the Lord's bidding to come. And when Elijah obeyed, the Lord ministered to him. Chaos, fear, and doubt churned about him, but because he did what the Lord asked, the voice of the Lord was made clear to him.

“'Go out and stand before me on the mountain,' 
the Lord told him. 
And as Elijah stood there, the Lord passed by, 
and a mighty windstorm hit the mountain. 
It was such a terrible blast that the rocks were torn loose, 
but the Lord was not in the wind. 
After the wind there was an earthquake, 
but the Lord was not in the earthquake.  
And after the earthquake there was a fire, 
but the Lord was not in the fire. 
And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper." 
~ I Kings 19:11-12, NLT

Yes! God is mighty. Powerful. Magnificent. But He is also tender and gentle towards His child. Action is required if we want to shut out the noise of personal chaos and rest in His tenderness - we must answer the Lord's bidding to come. 

Can you hear Him calling your name? 

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Oh, my Lord, how majestic is Your name above all the earth! My heart stretches out of the mire to proclaim Your goodness and Your tender faithfulness to Your children. I love You, Lord. My soul rejoices in You. My worn and exhausted mind thanks You for leading me back to a place of peace. 

I'm learning to rest in the moment knowing that You are in the moment with me. I want to jump ahead and try to figure everything out, but when I begin to run I feel Your gentle pull on the reins, Your gentle whisper to be still and know - remember - that You are God and You are sovereign and You ALWAYS have a plan. This is a hard lesson, Lord. I haven't been enjoying it at all, but I know that I know this anguish has eternal purpose. For that I can be glad. For that I can sit still a little longer.

So many of Your children are in the grips of despair. Their lives, too, are being shifted and shaken. I ask that You reveal Yourself to them in very personal ways, in ways that they will know that You are with them in the storm, that You are sheltering them from the onslaught of the enemy. He seems to be working overtime these days. But, greater are You, Lord, in our lives than the enemy of this world. You are Faithful and True. Oh yes, Lord. You are Truth. You reveal Your truth to Your children when we ask. Open our ears to hear You speak. Again, help us to sit still and listen.

We want our lives to speak of Your goodness. We want our lives to be a sweet aroma to You, to reflect Your glory. Strengthen us, Lord. Help us to lift the hands of others in praise to You when they are too weary to hold their hands up any longer. In our suffering You teach us Your mysteries. In our suffering You lead us to Your secret place. That gives me peace and assurance. I pray this thought ministers to my friends too. Lord, You are amazing. We love You so much. We praise You for You alone are worthy of our praise.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finding God's Presence ~ Only In God

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

I'm hiding beneath the shadow of the Lord's wing and thought you might want to join me. Come on, I'll scoot over...

This is what I'm asking of the Lord for this post: that you and I would be strengthened by the beauty of His Presence, that our hearts would be healed, that the chains of anger would be broken. 

Please take the time to listen to and worship with John Michael Talbot. He will usher you into the Presence of the Lord where there is peace and restoration.

"Then David spoke to the Lord the words of this song, on the day when the Lord had delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.

"And he said:

"'The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
The God of my strength, in whom I will trust;
My shield and the horn of my salvation,
My stronghold and my refuge;
My Savior, You save me from violence. 
I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised;
So shall I be saved from my enemies.'"
~ 2 Samuel 22:1-4

"Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, 
because His compassions fail not. 
They are new every morning; 
Great is Your faithfulness. 
'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul, 'Therefore I hope in Him!' 

"The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, 
To the soul who seeks Him. 
It is good that one should hope and wait quietly 
For the salvation of the Lord." 
~ Lamentations 3:22-26

We must let go of everything so that God can work in anything. Whoever has God wants for nothing at all. God alone is enough.

"There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, 
Who rides the heavens to help you, 
And in His excellency on the clouds. 
The eternal God is our refuge, 
And underneath are the everlasting arms; 
He will thrust out the enemy from before you, 
And will say, 'Destroy!'" 
~ Deuteronomy 33:26-27

Amen? Yes and amen. 

If God be for us, who can be against us? Nothing can ever separate us from His love, for it is from everlasting to everlasting. Rest in Him. You are His beloved and He is yours.

Yes, you are His beloved.

If you received Morning Glory via email, please, please visit the Morning Glory page for a very special worship experience with John Michael Talbot. God is waiting for you and He is waiting for me. He doesn't want us to carry our burdens alone. Won't you offer Him a few minutes and allow His sweet Holy Spirit to minister to you? Precious friend, you are loved. I am praying for you and I ask for your continued prayers for me. Bless you, Nan

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finding God's Presence ~ The Returning Light

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

The fog hung in a thick shroud of dismal gray, veiling the road before me. Peering through the side window did nothing to help define my whereabouts - the misty cloak was too concealing. I hated the feeling of not knowing what lay ahead.

On the road that seemed to lead to forever, I rounded a curve. The veil was rising. Misty fringe still hung above my car, but I could see the road once again. A distant mountain rested in the returning light.

I'm trying to rest in the returning light.

My life has been shrouded in a misty veil of tears. Confusion. Hurt and disbelief. My road to forever seems to lead to nowhere. I can't see the future. The past is clouded by lies.

But on that foggy road that leads to forever, I'm beginning to see the returning light.

The Light is there - behind the clouds, through the misty veil of fog. God's Light is there. Always has been. Always will be. He will guide me through this frightening fog that shrouds my heart.  He will guide me because He never lets me go.

Sweet friend, neither will He let you go. Hold fast to His strong hand of Redemption. Focus your eyes upon the One who knows your name, your hopes, your dreams, your hurts and pain. When you look into His eyes find your reflection there, because it's there. Oh yes. The Lord is so close that when we seek Him with our heart we will find our reflection in His eyes, for we - you and me - are the apple of His eye, His special treasure.

"Then your light shall break forth like the morning, 
your healing shall spring forth speedily, 
and your righteousness shall go before you; 
The glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. 
Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; 
You shall cry, and He will say, 'Here I am.'" 
~ Isaiah 58:8-9

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones  @NanJonesAuthor

Father, Remind me of who I am. I am Yours, Lord. Your child. Your daughter. I belong to You and You belong to me. This, my heart knows well and yet it breaks. My heart screams for Your touch, for Your healing balm. 

I can't do this alone, Lord. I'm asking that You reach Your strong hand to mine and lift me up out of the miry clay that keeps me bound. Wash the residue of fear and doubt and anguish away from my spirit. Hold me, Lord, and keep me from the tongues that wag, from the lies that abound, from the hurt and betrayal that suffocate me. Oh God, please help me! Hold me Lord and rock me to sleep. I'm so tired and so weary. 

Please send Your ministering angels to my friends also. I know so many who feel as I do and yet we cling to You. We choose to trust You, our Father. I want to offer my broken heart to You - fully, really I do - and yet as I ride the roller coaster of emotions I angrily yank it back from Your hand. I'm sorry, Lord. I think there are many that understand this and perhaps do the same thing with their pain. Please forgive us, Lord. I know it hurts You when we can't leave our struggles in Your capable hands. I know that You weep when we weep. Heal us Lord and make us whole once more. We love You. You are our Mighty God, our Prince of Peace, and our Heavenly Father. Thank You for Your faithfulness to shield us and to hold up Your banner when the enemy comes in like a flood to destroy Your child. I feel safe in Your arms, Lord. Thank You. I love You.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finding God's Presence ~ The Gift of The Moments

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

I observed the heavens, the rush of tangerine clouds against an indigo sky. The sun nodded its goodnights, casting silhouettes of trees dancing in the wind against the horizon's stage. The majesty of God surrounded me. I sat starkly reminded of His grandeur - His Almightiness. And yet I pondered how incredible it is that He knows my name. In His tender Father's love He knows my name.

I read something this morning in A. J. Russell's God Calling that tugged at my heart:

"Above all I desire Love - true, warm, childlike Love, the trusting understanding Love, and then the gift I prize next is the gift of the moments, of all the moments.

"I think even when Love's impetuous longing to serve Me has offered Me all Life, every day, every hour, I think even then it is a long and not an easy lesson to learn, what it means to give Me the moments" (p. 153).

"...I prize the gift of the moments, of all the moments..."

I love that. I love the thought that the Lord wants to share every moment of every day with me. With you. Because of His great love. Oh, that we would open our eyes to see Him in our midst, that we would open our hearts to respond to His tender touch of our hand. 

I rest secure in the knowledge of His love.

And the more I realize that He really is with me - not just in rhetoric, but in actuality - the more I love Him.

The more I want to give Him my moments.

Moments of anguish.
Moments of doubt.
Moments of laughter at a grandchild's silliness.
Moments of wonder at a hummingbird's grace.
Moments of tears that stream from a broken heart.

When I realize that the Lord is in my moments with me I can face tomorrow unafraid. I can step confidently as I hide in His shadow from the enemy that stalks and torments me. 

When I share my moments with the Lord I am not alone. 

And neither are you.

"And He said, 
'My Presence will go with you, 
and I will give you rest.'" 
~ Exodus 33:14

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

I love You, Lord. I desire You above all things. I want to walk in thankfulness regardless of my circumstances - I want to walk in thankfulness for You. Always. You are my Rock, my Refuge, my Shelter in the storm. You are my Deliverer, My Redeemer, and my God. Thank You for Your Presence in my life. Thank You for always being ready to lift me up out of the miry clay into Your sure place. Thank You for Your faithfulness to hear me when I cry out to You. And thank You for not thinking twice about receiving me into Your everlasting arms. You are an awesome God.

I call out the names of my friends to You - those who are hurting, confused, angry, desperate. I ask that You touch them by the power of Your Holy Spirit and grant them a fresh anointing to fulfill Your purposes in their lives. Return to them the joy of their salvation. Let Your perfect peace flow through them. Please guide them and me on the path You have laid out for our lives. We want to obey You in all things, to trust You fully, for You are our God and we are Your people. We worship You, Lord and we bless Your holy Name.

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