Friday, June 3, 2011

A Scarlet Thread

The cool morning Breeze wrapped its wings around my weary body causing my spirit to sing. I sensed the Lord's Presence, His tender mercies, His amazing love. From the corner of my eye, a bright burst of red caught my attention - a male cardinal. His scarlet feathers stood in stark contrast to the deep shades of green all around him. He chirped his happy song, feasted on the bounty of sunflower seeds, and flitted from branch to branch in the century old cedar.

God's creation testified all about me.

The wings of the wind wrapped me in His love.
The morning light overcame the velvety darkness of the night.
The scarlet song moving through the ancient cedar witnessed to my spirit.

Like a scarlet thread woven into the holy draperies of the Tabernacle, the Master wove the color of His love all through history until it dripped from the nail-pierced hands of His Son. And now, rocking on my porch in the mountains of North Carolina, surrounded by the glory of creation, His scarlet thread once again testifies of God's love.

A scarlet thread securing us to the garment of righteousness.
A scarlet thread binding us to Him from generation to generation.


  1. Nan, that is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for writing and sharing it!

  2. WOWZERS, Nan!!!!!!!!!!! Your words draped me in God's Love... I soaked them up like the Negev drinking in the early spring rains.
    Ohevet Otach!

  3. Vonda and Mid, Ya'll are so precious to me. Thank you for your encouraging words. I was so excited when God showed me this truth. I will never look at a cardinal the same way again. It will always remind me of God's love.

  4. Oh, Nan, truly beautiful. I love how you wove the red bird in; I love them. Blessings, BJ

  5. Thanks Barb. You are a blessing.

  6. This post was read several times in my car. As you already know, I read your posts once I park prior to entering into my job:) I just love the symbolism portrayed in this post. You are truly a vessel that is being used by Him.

  7. Jewel, Thank you! You are precious. Thank you for your encouragement.