Sunday, December 14, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Father, You are my light and salvation. Of whom shall I be afraid? You are my Rock, my Refuge. You are the Lord of all the earth and worthy of all praise. Bless You, Lord. I lift Your name on high. 

Hide me beneath the shadow of Your wing until these calamities pass me by. Hide my friends as well. So many things are coming against Your children. Struggles. Temptations. Hardships. Our weariness grows, our despair deepens. It's frightening Lord. But then I remember...YOU are my light and my salvation. Of Whom shall I be afraid? Yes and amen! 

You are making this so real in my life. Thank You Lord. Awaken the hearts of my friends to experience this Truth also. What better time to walk in these Truths than at Christmas when we celebrate and remember why You came to earth. You came to be our Light in the darkness. You came to be our salvation. You came to be our peace. Wow, Lord. I'm so appreciative. We rejoice in Your Presence and Your love. We clap our hands at the thought of Your grace. We lift our voices at the thought of Your mercy and faithfulness. You alone are worthy of our praise, Lord. You, alone. 

Help us focus on You this Christmas - the Giver and not the gifts. Make us holy as You are holy. Transform us into Your likeness that we might bring Your light into this world of darkness. Use us for Your glory. Help us bring Your love, joy, and peace into this weary world. Thank You, Lord. We love You with all that we are.

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