Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Is My Prayer

As the deer pants and longs for the water brooks, so I pant and long for You, O God. My inner self thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God?" ~ Psalm 42:1,2, Amplified Study Bible

It is my prayer that as I walk this earth, climbing to the highest mountaintops, descending to the lowest valleys - IT IS MY PRAYER that I would long for and thirst after the living God.

Not yesterday.
Not later.
Not when it's convenient.

But as naturally as I take my next breath.

I want my heart to skip a beat as His Spirit calls to me from the depths of my soul. I want to be filled with anticipation as I ponder the promises of God and realize that each promise is for me simply because He loves me.

Not for who I am.
Not for who I will become.
He loves me because I am His child.

And He loves you.

You are the apple of His eye, His special treasure. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate you from the love of your Heavenly Father.

Jesus would say to each of us, "Come, all you who are thirsty. Come and drink of the Living Water and you will never thirst again."

Lord, we love You so much. Stir up a hunger and a thirst within us that only You can satisfy. Draw us to You by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Awaken our hearts to love You more, to desire You with all that we are. You are the One True God, Maker of heaven and earth. You are the Lord of my heart, the Savior of my soul. Thank You Lord. Thank You.
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  1. I love how the Lord says those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled! That's the desire of my heart...but even more, my heart desires Him!
    Ahava, Nan

  2. Amen Mid! The desired grows stronger and stronger every day. Love you!

  3. This is such a beautiful post. Many times have I cried out, Oh Lord I love you, how I wish I could love you more. Many times felt convicted by my heart that there are still so many idols. So many priorities... the urgent, the important, and even the insignificant distractions and petty entertainments that fill our time and become some sort of drugs that dull the pains and the aches we feel when things are not going the way we feel they should. What do you do when you know your heart is not beating the way it should and you cry out, Oh God, let me love you again like I used to... And you say it again and again and it seems nothing is happening. And you don't know if it's your rebellion and love for wordly things, or your depression that is holding you back. And the shame... the shame of not being the person you once set out to be and the fear you may never get back to that state of fellowship, not because God won't let you, but because you won't want to because your just too lost... More lost than if you had never known the way of salvation.

    What do you do when you just know you're going through the motions in dragging yourself to church and trying hard to listen to the messages and connect to what is being said. When you're making feeble (and only ocassional) attempts at prayer where all you do is cry and say, Help me! I don't know what to say anymore. I don't even know if I want to talk to you. I don't know if I want you or just a way out of hell and out of this unbearable suffering I'm under.

    I knew peace when I knew (or at least thought and felt) I was on good terms with God. When I felt I loved him, even imperfectly. Now, I don't know anything anymore. All I know is fear and horror at the prospect of dying in my sins.

    And sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm not pregnant yet. The baby is just a project... and he or she won't even come unless we can work out the housing issue which is turning out to be more traumatic than labor! There are times when I even wonder if we'll make it as a couple.

    Perhaps this is not the best comment on your post. I don't feel what you wrote, but I really wish I could. I know my life would be so much better if I could desire God. That's my life cry, has always been since I first believed. To go so far beyond the intellectual statement of faith. To even go beyond the "experience" of God that is the must in charismatic circles. To have the Word cut me to the core and affect everything in me. It's not happening now. That's why my desperate prayer is, Draw me close to you... or I die.