Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Do I Find God? Sunday Glimpses

Father God, I find such great comfort in Your faithfulness. How can I say thank You? Even at the brink of losing my sanity, You reach from the heavens above and lift me up - You hold me next to Your heart. I cannot fathom Your love. I cannot comprehend Your desire to set me free from the chains that bind me. Help me give You my pain. I offer my hopelessness to You, Lord and ask that You receive it as a sacrifice, holy and acceptable to You. Consume it with Your holy fire. Rid me of its destructive tentacles. Set me free to worship You with my whole heart. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for Your love. You are amazing, Lord. Simply amazing. Fill me with Your joy and peace to overflowing. I need You, Lord. Be my strong tower.

Photo Credit: Leland Francisco
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  1. This really resonates with my heart and soul. Thank you Nan! Love you!

    1. I'm thankful for that Marcie. I ask the Lord to guide me as I converse with Him through these prayers because He knows the ones who will read it, and He knows what their hearts need to be reminded of. Thanks for stopping by. Love you, too.