Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scriptures of Encouragement ~ Feathers Like Burnished Wood

by Nan Jones

I first noticed him perched in the top of a locust tree near our home. The tree, with its still sleeping branches, arched and strained against the hefty winds coming across the mountain ridge. The forest's feathered guest sat stoically as the branch swayed to the rhythm of the wind.

Photo Credit: thesccbirdnerd.blogspot.com
With one graceful swoop, he lifted himself high into the blustery sky. My eyes followed the hawk, his feathers like burnished wood in the sunlight. He pumped his wings with force. With grace. With beauty. Each stroke of power lifting him higher and higher until he crested the force of the wind and could soar.

What transported him upward? His wings? His focus towards the heavens? I don't know.

I wondered.

His flight seemed effortless. A natural response to a blustery day.

Like each beat of the burnished wing taking him higher and higher, I thought about each song of praise, each uttered prayer, each recognition of the One who loves us that takes us higher and higher above the fray.

"He gives power to the weak, 
and to those who have no might 
He increases strength. 
Even the youths shall faint and be weary, 
and the young men shall utterly fall, 
but those who wait on the Lord 
shall renew their strength; 
They shall mount up with wings like eagles, 
they shall run and not be weary, 
they shall walk and not faint." 
~ Isaiah 40:29-31

Wait. Qavah (kah-vah). Expresses the idea of waiting hopefully - expectantly.

How do we wait hopefully? How do we mount up with wings as eagles and soar above the fray?

By seeking the Lord, sitting - lingering - at His feet.
By offering a sacrifice of praise while tears escape our uplifted eyes.
By reminding ourselves who we are and who HE is.

I watched as the feathers like burnished wood circled and then drifted peacefully towards the horizon.

Wait for Jesus. He's the sun in your horizon. Wait hopefully for Him and soar. 

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What transported him upward? His wings? His focus towards the heavens? (Click to Tweet)

Each song of praise, each uttered prayer, each recognition of the One who loves us takes us higher above the fray. (Click to Tweet)

If you received Morning Glory via email, please visit the Morning Glory  page for a very special treat! I'm featuring the TRM Sacred Dance Team performing/worshiping to Jason Upton's "I Will Wait". You are going to love this!


  1. Your poetic, lyrical words always touch me in a special way. I try not to be jealous, but I'm not always successful. Thank you...

    1. You just made me smile...then laugh. Jealous? Seriously? You are one of the most talented, gracious women of God I know. I am forever grateful for you friendship. Thank you for cheering me on.

  2. Replies
    1. Rose, Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by. Bless you my friend.

  3. Oh Nan, what a beautiful video! I have never heard this singer before, but the song really touched me. A woman I used to work with did Praise Dance, and her children were learning it too. I wish we had more of it. So inspiring!

    Blessings to you,