Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones

Father God, Open my eyes to see You in my midst. Let me feel the embrace of Your love, the touch of Your grace. You are for me, so who can be against me? Fatigue? Sickness? Anxiety or desperation? No, Lord! Even those things cannot be against me for You are my God and I am Your child. Nothing can ever separate me from You and Your love. I need Your strength. Mine is depleted. I need Your peace. Mine is wavering like the shadows on an afternoon walk - in and out, in and out. But You, Lord are my Prince of Peace. You are the Mighty God, the lover of my soul. Your peace is not contingent on how I feel. Thank You for Your Presence. I will declare Your glory to the people! Thank You for Your ministering angels that surround me and protect me from harm. I pray for my friends who are battling their own demons. You promise to fight the battle for us. We need only surrender it to You and watch You work. Strengthen them, Lord. Awaken their hearts to recognize Your Presence with them and Your unwavering love for Your children. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Help us to rest in each moment of each day knowing that You are with us working everything together for our good. Thank You, Lord. You are an awesome God. We love You.

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I need Your strength. Mine is depleted. I need Your peace. Mine is wavering like the evening shadows. (Click to Tweet)

I would cherish your prayers. My husband had emergency surgery a couple of days ago. He is recovering, but has a ways to go before he is healthy again. My fibromyalgia is going bananas! With fibro, emotional pain has a physical response. My body has taken a hard hit causing me to get behind in my work. Please pray for me and my honey. Thank you.

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  1. AMEN!!! This obviously came from deep within you and your heart. Love you dear friend

    1. Yes, it did sweet friend. I know I'm not alone in these struggles, so I press on with my work praying that as I find the Lord in the difficulties, I can help others do the same. I love you too <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Roomie. You just made me smile :)