Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones

Father, how magnificent is Your love, how calming is Your faithfulness. Thank You for being my constant in an ever changing world. My world may crumble or my world may abound, but You, Lord are my sure place. Thank You for being a place of refuge for me. Thank You for being my comfort, my peace, and my joy. I appreciate You so very much. I ask that for those who are reaching out to You, grasping for hope, grasping for security - I ask that You would open their eyes to see You. Awaken their hearts to know You. You are an amazing God - the great I AM. You are all that we need and You stand ready to meet our needs. Thank You for Your love. Encourage my friends. Stir within them the sound of Your Living Water flowing deep in their spirits bringing life and refreshment. Let them know that You are near. Thank You Lord. We bless Your holy Name!

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My world may crumble, my world may abound, but You, Lord, are my sure place. (Click to Tweet)

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  1. I had never considered the SOUND of God's Living Water...but as I remember the calming effect that the sound of the creek splashing over the rocks has on my soul, I can appreciate God in a new way! Thank you...Love you!

    1. What a beautiful example! Thanks. I love the sound of babbling brooks and flowing rivers AND I love the thought of the Living Water of the Lord flowing within us. Such a life-giving thought :)