Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Oh, my Lord, how majestic is Your name above all the earth! My heart stretches out of the mire to proclaim Your goodness and Your tender faithfulness to Your children. I love You, Lord. My soul rejoices in You. My worn and exhausted mind thanks You for leading me back to a place of peace. 

I'm learning to rest in the moment knowing that You are in the moment with me. I want to jump ahead and try to figure everything out, but when I begin to run I feel Your gentle pull on the reins, Your gentle whisper to be still and know - remember - that You are God and You are sovereign and You ALWAYS have a plan. This is a hard lesson, Lord. I haven't been enjoying it at all, but I know that I know this anguish has eternal purpose. For that I can be glad. For that I can sit still a little longer.

So many of Your children are in the grips of despair. Their lives, too, are being shifted and shaken. I ask that You reveal Yourself to them in very personal ways, in ways that they will know that You are with them in the storm, that You are sheltering them from the onslaught of the enemy. He seems to be working overtime these days. But, greater are You, Lord, in our lives than the enemy of this world. You are Faithful and True. Oh yes, Lord. You are Truth. You reveal Your truth to Your children when we ask. Open our ears to hear You speak. Again, help us to sit still and listen.

We want our lives to speak of Your goodness. We want our lives to be a sweet aroma to You, to reflect Your glory. Strengthen us, Lord. Help us to lift the hands of others in praise to You when they are too weary to hold their hands up any longer. In our suffering You teach us Your mysteries. In our suffering You lead us to Your secret place. That gives me peace and assurance. I pray this thought ministers to my friends too. Lord, You are amazing. We love You so much. We praise You for You alone are worthy of our praise.

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