Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Father, throughout the days - yes, throughout the minutes of the days - You remind me to think on those things which are lovely, pure, noble, and worthy of praise. When I follow Your guidance with this, I find Your peace. When I allow my thoughts to ramble and roam, I find despair. I choose You, Lord. 

I choose to walk in Your ways, in Your truths. Although Your way seems odd and contrary to ordinary wisdom at times, I still choose You, for You have been so faithful to Me. You have blanketed me with Your love. You have wiped my tears and held me when I thought I would surely die. So, yes Lord, I choose to remember that You alone are worthy of praise. I choose to think about Your mercy and grace. I choose to think about Your sweet, yet powerful Presence that is with me always. 

Yes, Lord, You alone are worthy of praise! Thank You for the peace that follows when I think of You. Thank You for the peace that envelops me when I keep my mind stayed on You rather than my circumstances.  

I can sense others taking my hand and kneeling beside me as, together, we approach Your throne of grace. Your children are hurting Lord. The shifting and shaking is immense, but You, O Lord, are greater! Touch my friend with the power of Your Holy Spirit and give them hope. Help them, and me, to laugh in the face of adversity because You are with us and You will never fail us nor forsake us. I ask that my friends will sense Your guidance as they wait quietly on You. 

We choose You, Lord and Your ways. We rejoice in the God of our salvation. We exalt You O God, and bless Your holy Name. Thank You for Your great love. Thank You for Your amazing grace.

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