Sunday, March 29, 2015

Where is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Father, Thank You for teaching me the way of peace. I'm learning to keep my thoughts focused on You - to be aware of You every moment of every day. In that sure place I find peace. When my world crumbles around me, I can still walk in peace that makes no sense because You are my peace. Thank You Lord. 

I ask the same for my friends who are struggling. Life is so hard at times. Overwhelming. Impossible. But you, Lord ... You are the God of impossibilities. Your ways are not our ways. Your thoughts are not our thoughts. You are wise. You are faithful and true, and when You instruct Your children to keep our eyes on You so that we might find peace, You know what You are talking about. Even though it may make no sense to us, I have found Your instructions to be true. Help us to do this Lord. Help us to bring our thoughts captive to You, to cast down all imaginations, and focus our eyes on Your beautiful face.

As we seek You we find our peace. As we place our hope in You alone, our hearts will rest in peace. You are amazing Lord. We yield to Your authority in our lives. You are our Lord and King. You are the Potter, we are the clay. Mold us and shape us into vessels for Your glory. Comfort us so that we may comfort others with the comfort we have received and thus lead them in the ways of Your peace. We are Yours, Lord and we are so thankful You are ours. We praise You for You alone are worthy of our praise.

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  1. Love this Nan! Thank you for reminding us from whence comes our help and no matter how tough life is God gives us perfect peace because love casts out fear. I love you.

    1. God has given us the gift of peace, but we must open up the package to enjoy it. I love you too.