Sunday, April 5, 2015

Where is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Father God, You are so good, so faithful. Thank You. I rest in the knowledge that You are not a God of confusion, but of peace. Perfect peace. My life seems to swirl around me in riptides of doubt, in whirlwinds of confusion. But You, Lord are not in the confusion for You are the God of peace. Be my peace Lord. I ask that You reach out and take my hand. Carry me out of the riptides and bring me to safety away from the rhetoric, away from the pain. You are my anchor - my sure place. You, Lord, will never leave me nor forsake me. Not ever. And I know in my knower that nothing shall ever separate me from Your love. Open my eyes that I might see you clearly as I focus on You. You are all that I want to see. You are an amazing God. 

I bring my friends before Your throne of grace. As we bow together before You, awaken our hearts to receive from You. Keep our hearts pliable in Your hands. May our breastplates of righteousness guard our hearts from the attacks of the enemy. Our hearts are the most deceptive of all things. Shine Your light into the dark recesses of our hearts to expose anything that is not of You and then give us courage to act on its disposal. 

Strengthen my friends. Surround them with Your ministering angels to comfort them and to offer reassurance. You are Jehovah-jireh, our Provider. You are Jehovah-rapha, our Healer. You are El Elyon, the Most High God. Nothing is too difficult for You. I ask that You meet the needs of my friends. Thank You Lord. You are awesome in wonder and mighty in power. We love you Lord.

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  1. We went into a pottery store today and they had a video playing of a man fashioning some pottery. It was really cool watching him press it down and shape it reminding me how God does he same for us when stay pliable and give Him control of our lives daily. This is a beautiful heart-felt prayer and I'm so thankful for Jehovah-rapha my Healer today. Love you Nan :-)

    1. I'm thankful for Him too. I love the imagery of the Potter and the clay - it's simply beautiful. Sounds like you're having fun. That makes my heart smile.