Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scriptures of Encouragement ~ Ever Steady. Ever Sure

The sun rose on the frosty morning, apricot ribbons mingling in the lingering navy blue of night. The giant celestial ball steadied itself over the mountain ridges. Clouds passed on a going-to-be-late current, rapidly nodding at the sun as their shades of apricot morphed into lavendar and lavendar morphed into baby boy blue. The sky filled with staccato bursts of yellow. Trails of white raced to hide behind the treetops.

But the sun, regal and mighty, continued to rise. Ever steady. Ever sure. Never changing.

Noon presented itself warm and toasty. Baby boy blue was now a rich periwinkle shade of winter. The golden orb blazed hot directly above me, overseeing, directing, warming the earth with its presence. On the horizon an eery cloud with hues of darkness, bubbled with the eruption of an impending storm. The steady sun watched as the inky tumult crept closer. Its stealth began to overpower the light of the noonday sun. Darkness drew its tendrils across the sky, muddying the periwinkle, casting dread of danger upon the earth.

But the sun, regal and mighty, stayed steady. Sure. Never changing. Everlasting.

The darkness howled. The wind, wrought with anger, burst onto the beauty of the noonday sun, disrupting and frightening the mountainside. Torrents of rain lashed against the earth. Trees bowed. Leaves flailed. 

But the sun, regal and mighty, stayed steady and sure, obscured by the cloak of charcoal vapors, but steady just the same. Never changing. Everlasting. Always present. Even though abandonment screamed its accusations at the darkened earth below, the sun remained beyond the darkness, suspended by the hand of its Creator.

And such is the faithfulness of God.

The Lord spoke through the prophet Malachi, "For I AM the Lord, I do not change." * He remains steadfast and sure. His faithfulness is from everlasting to everlasting. His love will never change.

And though abandonment screams its accusations at your present darkness, the Lord remains. Ever-watchful. Ever-loving. Ever-present.

You belong to Him. He belongs to you. 

And that will never change.

*Malachi 3:6
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On the frosty morn, apricot ribbons mingled in the lingering navy blue of night. (Click to Tweet)

 And though abandonment screams its accusations at your present darkness, the Lord remains. Ever-watchful. Ever-loving. Ever-present. (Click to Tweet)

If you received Morning Glory via email, please visit the Morning Glory  page. I'm featuring Darlene Zschech of Hillsong singing, "I Am Yours". This worship song is powerful! Are you up against a mountain? Do you feel like you've been abandoned by Almighty God? This song will strengthen you and remind you of His great love that will never fail.


  1. Hi Nan! It's good to be back visiting after my month-long blog break. And I see you on Twitter too!
    This post reminds me of the words found on a concentration camp wall..."I know there is a sun even though it's not shining..." Or something similar. Good reminder to realize that God is with us always.
    I am in a new blog home, www.ceilryan.com
    It was a a big move, but I am hoping to get comfy in a few weeks!

    1. Hi Ceil! Welcome back. I just checked out your new page and I love it. And the grandbaby is adorable. Thanks for sharing with us. Bless you!