Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where Is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones

Lord, I lift my heart in praise to You. You are my center. You keep me grounded and secure. Train me to focus on You, to look for You in all things. You are faithful, Lord. You are mighty and good. Your ears are turned to the sound of my voice and for that I am forever grateful. I bring my friends before Your throne of grace. We come boldly, Lord. Expectantly. Some of us need a miracle. Some of us need Your strength, for we are weary. Some need the embrace of Your extraordinary love. Meet the needs of my friends, Lord. Open their eyes to see You. Fill them with hope as they wait on You. Anoint them with Your perfect peace as You uphold and sustain them. Thank You for Your amazing love and tender compassion towards Your children. We love You Father. We bless Your holy Name.

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We come boldly, Lord. Expectantly. Many need miracles, strength...the embrace of Your love. (Click to Tweet)

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