Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finding God's Presence ~ When We Can't Trace His Hand

by  Nan Jones

The mountain ridge stood in a shroud of foggy mist the color of oyster gray. Thick clouds hung low, obliterating the landscape, obscuring the road. Heaven's tears splashed against the windshield, the wipers flicking them off like the tears I flick from my face. 

There's been a lot of tears lately.

And fog.

A foggy mist of oyster gray has shrouded my spirit, sometimes obscuring my vision of the Lord and the understanding of His purposes. But He is teaching me deep down in my knower that He is with me regardless of my attitude, regardless of my circumstances, and regardless if I feel His Presence or not. 

He is with me. Just like the mountain ridge behind the fog.

If I can't see the mountains because of the fog, how do I know the ridge is there? Because I'm familiar with the road. I know the landscape, where the curves are. I travel this road often. 

Trusting in God's Presence is much the same. When we are familiar with Him and His promises, when we spend time learning His character and absorbing His grace, then we can say with full assurance, "My God is with me." 

Even when the fog is thick and I can't trace His hand, I know He is with me because He promised.

And when we get down to it, that's all the assurance we need.

"Surely the righteous 
shall give thanks to Your name; 
The upright shall dwell in Your presence." 
~ Psalm 140:13

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  1. So grateful the Lord never leaves us and is always there to steady our hearts Nan. He remains ever faithful and must be pleased with our strong faith

    1. I stand amazed by His faithfulness. He is so good :)

  2. Reading this, the tears, my heart breaks. Oh but how wonderful to listen to you speak of our Father who, as you know, never changes, never breaks His promises, even through the fog. I love you so much Nan. Praying for you. I am going to share this on my Ba a Voice 4 Kids page. Many people need to read this. I applied it to my "travels" in this life. What a testimony you have...even when it hurts.

    1. Thank you Doodle. I've prayed fervent prayers that the Lord will use my painful struggle to help others. Thank you for following His lead. I love you too :)