Sunday, July 26, 2015

Where is God? Sunday Glimpses

by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Father, Your grace still amazes me. Always has. Always will. How can we understand Your love? How do we understand Your outpouring of favor in our lives? Yes, bad things happen to good people, but You, O Lord, remain faithful in the midst of the struggle. You remain constant, never swerving with Your love and grace. Thank You. 

Thank You for opening my eyes to see You when my world falls apart. Thank You for giving me the understanding that it is the nature of our fallen world for bad things to happen - bad things have nothing to do with You. In Your sovereignty You allow people to make choices. You will allow tribulation to fall upon Your child, but only because You have a greater good in mind - something our finite minds can't comprehend. 

I'm learning that we must walk closely with You to understand Your heart. We are physical beings living in a physical world, but You are eternal. You are concerned about our eternity which has no end. Our lives here on earth are but a snap of Your fingers, and yes, we are affected by the sin that has brought pain and disease and unbearable hardships, but Your mercy and grace are right there with us to comfort, to provide, to carry us through - if we will only look for You. Your desire is to prepare us for eternity and a rich fellowship with You forever.

Forgive us for accusing You of abandonment. Forgive us for railing accusations at You for allowing pain into our "pristine" lives. Awaken our hearts to understand the eternal Truth of Your Presence and of Your eternal purposes in all things that pertain to us. Please give us a glimpse of eternity with You far, far away from the pain here on earth, for that is when we will truly have life.

You are an awesome God, full of wonder and might. We love You Lord.

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